Haven SC-100LHS Window Mount with Headset – Non Bullet Proof Glass, DC Operation


SC-100LHS Window Mount with Headset instead of Gooseneck Microphone – Non Bullet Proof Glass, DC Operation (12-18 hours run time)

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Specifications: The SC-100 provides electronic two-way, hands-free audio communications (duplex) between a partition. The inside operator controls the operation by speaking into the microphone. The SC-100 contains two voice channels, each incorporating a microphone amplifier, VOX switch, compressor, background noise monitor, attenuator controls, level detectors, and a bridge amplifier. The sound amplifier does not exceed a 0.2% total harmonic distortion rating. On the SC100LHS the operator has a headset, and speaks hands free, as does the person on the other side

Applications: Movie Theaters, Ticket Booths, Sport Arenas, etc.

Characteristics: The SC-100 is four inches in diameter, and equipped with an operator-side headset microphone, power on/off switch, power-on green LED, “talk” volume control and “listen” volume control. The exterior, or customer side, is equipped with a 2 1/4″ ferrite, magnet speaker and electric microphone. The speaker and microphone are located so as not to be damaged by ordinary tools such as screw drivers and pliers. The SC-100 incorporates a Class III bullet-resistive insert, able to withstand a standard bullet from a .357 Magnum firearm. The SC-100 is constructed of machined aluminum.

Installation: The SC-100 is easily installed in a partition with either 3.25″ or 3.5″ cutout. An optional plate is available for 4″ cutouts. The exterior plate is assembled to the interior housing via four bolts provided. Barrier thickness must be specified. The interior control plate is then fastened to the housing with four tamper-resistant screws. Gaskets prevent the SC-100 from scratching the surface of the barrier. An AC adapter is supplied for continuous duty. The adapter steps down 120V AC input to filtered 12V DC output for class II installations.

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