IntraSonic RETRO-MVAPAC Vertical Standard Package in Almond

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Includes the following:

  • 1 RETRO-MA Master Station
  • 1 RETRO-MTPA Trim Plate for Master Station
  • 1 RETRO-MAB Master Adaptor Bracket
  • 5 RETRO-5RA Room Stations
  • 1 RETRO-PA Patio Station
  • 1 RETRO-DA Door Station
  • 6 RETRO-5RVA Trim Plate for Room & Patio Speakers
  • The Intrasonic Almond RETRO-Kit can replace all 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 wire systems from Nutone, M&S, and other makes. The RETRO Kit makes it easy to replace existing units. In most instances you do NOT have to replace existing roughins.
  • Expandable for up to 13 stations and 2 doors.
  • Door Chime Built in with 5 different chimes available.
  • Kit includes: RETRO-MA Almond Master Station,Retro-MTPA Almond Trim Plate for Master Station, RETRO-MAB Master Adaptor Bracket, 5-RETRO-5RA Al;mond Room Stations, 1-RETRO-PA Almond Patio Station, 1-RETRO-DA Almond Door Station, 6-RETRO-5RVA Vertical Black Trim Plates for Room & ; Patio Speakers.
  • Hands Free Answering at the Door Stations.
  • Built in AM/FM Radio with 10 preset options.
  • Portable Music Player (PMP) Bay to plug and play a wide variety of devices including MP3's, Handheld satellite radios, IOS, android tablets/phones, with either downloaded or streamed music.
  • USB or Firewire connectivity to charge MP3 devices as they play.
  • 3.5 MM plug so you can connect your MP3, iPod, IPhone, or any other outside device to this system.
  • Choice of 2 music source options in every room, enabling differerent music sources to be played in different rooms.
  • Wireless music streaming with optional Bluetooth Receiver.
  • The RETRO-M offers the latest technology in Automatic Selective Call for private conversation. From any room you push the talk button. Your voice goes throughout the system. Once someone answers it turns into a private conversation between the two stations. You can monitor individual rooms or multiple rooms. Great for monitoring kids, sickly relatives and more.
  • Hands free communication for the party receiving the call.
  • Each Room station can be turned off for privacy as well.
  • 2 year warranty parts and labor.
  • Monitoring capability for single or multiple rooms-- ex-sick child, elderly parent .
  • Hands free operation at Master Station with IREMOTE Option.
  • The Music quality is extremely high quality.
  • If you want to upgrade your quality of music in rooms, you can now add Ceiling or Wall Speakers to the room stations.
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Manufacturer Intrasonic
Country of Manufacture China
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