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Eureka Cord Wrap Hook Set 53747-1


Eureka Cord Wrap Hook Set 53747-1.

Upper and lower Hook.


May be Black in color or white in color. If top hook is white then bottom hook will be white, if top hook is black then bottom hook will be black.

Hoover M-PWR 40V Dual Bay Battery Charger



  • Dual Bay Sequential Charging – 

When two batteries are in place, the battery with the most charge will be charged first. This ensures the fasted time to full charge.


  • Quick Charge

 – With a fast charge time of 90 minutes max per battery, get back to cleaning faster minimizing downtime.


  • Charger Protection System

 – The M-PWR™ 40V charger provides charging start control, surge protection and a max charge timer, to prevent damage to the battery when charging.


Hoover M-PWR 40v Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Fits both the battery Upright(CH95413) and Battery backpack(CH93406)
  • Quick Change Battery – Effortlessly change the battery with just one hand. No need to remove the backpack, minimizing downtime.
  • 45 minute Runtime– Up to 45 minutes of fade free performance.
  • Battery Protection System– The M-PWR™ 40V battery design includes temperature monitoring, discharge and charging termination and sleep mode to build confidence in the safe performance of the battery.
  • Weight – 4.8 lbs
  • 1 Year Warranty