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Wool Shop 13′ Telescopic Lambswool Duster


Ladies can easily handle this size duster. Thanks to the angle connector which comes with this duster, its perfect for dusting lights, hard-to-reach cobwebs and high windowsills. The pole extends from 6’3″ to 13’8″.

Wool Shop 22″ Lambswool Mega Mop


The 22″ Mega Mop is thoughtfully-designed with an extra wide sweep to cover large surfaces in one pass. Convenient slip-in pocket to allow mop part to be quickly removed from the frame for easy replacement. This exceptional floor Mega Mop will save you time and energy. The mop can easily be hung by the handle for storage.

Wool Shop 24″ Lambswool Duster


The 24″ Lambswool Duster is one of our most favorite duster sizes for walls, pictures, table legs, etc. with the extra long amount of wool on the handle – it saves you time.

Wool Shop 25′ Telescopic Lambswool Duster


A very long duster! For people who need to clean extremely tall ceilings, the 25′ Telescopic Duster is the answer. The duster head can be unscrewed from the handle to become a practical hand duster. The angle connector comes with this duster. The pole extends from 8’5″ to 25’8″.

Wool Shop 48″ Lambswool Duster


The 48″ Lambswool Duster is perfect when you need just a little more handle to reach light fixtures or stairwell walls. This duster is a nice lightweight duster for people who are wheelchair bound.

Wool Shop 6’5″ Telescopic Lambswool Duster


There is great value in the 6.5′ telescopic duster, in both height and weight. This was the Wool Shops first telescoping duster before customers wanted to reach higher to dust their beautiful high-ceiling homes. The steel handle telescoping duster extends from 4’5″ to 6’5″.