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Basic Compact Power Nozzle


The Basic Compact Power Nozzle is the entry-level solution to clean your carpets and area rugs. Does a great job on Comercial carpet squares to low pile carpet. For cleaning medium to high pile carpet please see the Deluxe Power Nozzle with Height Adjustment

Deluxe Power Nozzle with Height Adjustment


The Deluxe Power Nozzle is equipped with a cleaning width of 14 Inches. It has very strong motor that preforms Impressively independently of the Vacuums Air Flow. A foot pedal with Five different height settings you can clean any pile length from commercial carpet squares to shag. Use the Deluxe Power Nozzle for the best cleaning results in homes with lots of carpet. For homes with new Soft Carpet/Silk Carpet please look at the Deluxe Soft Clean Nozzle. It also has a swivel neck allowing easy maneuvering, a handle release foot pedal and 4 rubber wheels to protect wood and other bare flooring types

Handheld Electric Brush


The Handheld Electric Brush is the ideal component to clean upholstered furniture, mattresses, car interiors, and carpeted stairs. 

Hide A Hose Rechargeable Electric Power Nozzle

  • The CX1000 Cordless Electric Power Nozzle brings cleaning to the highest level for any Central Vacuum System including the Hide A Hose
  • The CX1000 has a huge performance advantage over traditional Electric and Air Driven Heads in that along with the great brushing action it gives you suction as well that traditional powernozzles do not
  • 60 minutes of run time with the 44 volt lithium battery
  • Excellent for both Carpets and hard floors
  • Rubber wheels and bumper protect wood, marble and tile floors as well as baseboards and furniture
  • Fits nearly all Central vacuum hoses as well as Hide a Hose systems
  • 4 year warranty on vacuum 2 year warranty on battery
  • Lightweight–11 lbs
  • Horse Hair Dusting Brush


    Horse Hair Dusting Brush for Standard 1-1/4″ wands and hoses
    Fits Central vacuums and most vacuums
    Does not fit Miele, Sebo, Dyson

    SEBO ET-1 Power Nozzle

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    SEBO ET-1 (12 inches wide, 10 1⁄2-inch cleaning path) – This model has four-level manual brush height adjustment. It aggressively cleans carpets, but the brush roller may be switched off by pressing the green illuminated on/off button, so delicate rugs and hard floors can be cleaned with straight suction. Its amazing 180° steering ability provides maneuverability around furniture, and the extension side of the L-shaped head makes cleaning edges and under counters easy. It also has easy brush roller removal, a convenient clog removal door, and an orange warning light with automatic shut off for brush roller obstructions. This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the motor and carpet from damage. Its warning light also remains illuminated during use when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or when the brush should be replaced due to reaching maximum bristle wear.

    Standard Crevice Tool


    Standard Crevice Tool for 1-1/4″ wands and hoses
    Fits Central vacuums and most vacuums
    Does not fit Miele, Sebo, Dyson