COVID 19 Cleaning Solutions- Can You Live Without It?

Stay Clean Stay Safe

In the midst of one of the worst pandemic crisis experienced in history of the world, COVID 19 has demonstrated the need for greater preemptive methods of staying safe. What can you do as a homeowner to protect your home and loved ones?  As we are moving towards a higher percentage rate of vaccinations nationwide, it still does not remove the need to keep ourselves cleaner from bacterial infections and any other aerial causes that can spread rapidly and without warning.

State Vacuum of Tampa has been in business for the past 3 generations of family dedication and community patronage.  Vacuums have always been a fixture in cleaner households however the understanding of the bacteria environments that can affect our health is now even more important.  Air filters and anti bactera equipment have become a part of the steady inventory that this retailer maintains for those that have expressed dire fears and needs for the safety of their families.