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Allersearch X-Mite Carpet Cleaning Treatment

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This two-in-one anti-allergen carpet cleaning treatment reduces allergens from dust mite waste, pet dander and other sources while cleaning the surface. Its special formulation contains tannic acid to neutralize environmental allergens and non-abrasive, sponge-like particles which contain a water-based cleaning solution to refresh pile fabrics. For optimum treatment benefits use X-Mite in conjunction with Allersearch ADS or ADMS.

Treatment Application

Sprinkle X-Mite evenly onto dry surface to be treated. Use a clean broom or a brush to work the powder into the surface. Allow X-Mite to remain on carpeting for approximately three hours for optimum effectiveness. Vacuum treated surface with a new vacuum bag to ensure untreated allergens are not transferred to the just treated surface. Re-treat surfaces every 90 days* to maintain deactivation.
* For severe allergen concentration, it may be necessary to apply X-Mite® more frequently.

Active Ingredients: 3% Tanacetane 2 Low Molecular Weight Tannic Acid Formulation with Anionic surfactants.

Cleans WITHOUT Water, Shampoo or Steam
Use Allersearch X-MITE throughout your home on:
Carpets • Area rugs • Soft furnishings
Pillows and mattresses should be enclosed in a mite-proof casing for maximum effectiveness.

No wet carpet
No sticky, soapy residue left behind
No filling or dumping of water
No chemicals to mix
Removes dust mite and other allergens
Safe for all types of carpet
Carpet stays cleaner longer
Safe for people and pets
Allersearch X-MITE comes in a convenient dispensing pouch sufficient to treat an average-size room.

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Country of Manufacture United States
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